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In today’s world if you do not know how to navigate the healthcare system and get to the best doctors for your problem quicker, faster, better, and easier—then you are wasting time and resources that you may not have.

In our world. From what we do. From what we see. We know how to do this. We have done it a thousand times.​

Serving the USA and Internationally. Selectively offered by application only.

What is a Patient Advocate?

A guide. A navigator. Essentially a medical “Sherpa” to guide you through a very broken and complex healthcare system.

What we do in this space—at the level we do it—is not something we can share with everyone. Nor is it something we can offer to everyone. 

“Your health is not always your decision. How you handle it is.”

Someone asked if I was a "Concierge Physician"?

Here is how I responded.

"I am not a concierge physician—nor suggesting that. For that there is MDVIP. Nor is this telehealth. For that there is Teladoc."

"What I do is help certain individuals navigate the healthcare system—when things get 'real'—to get to the best doctors for their issues quicker, faster, better, and easier. With the preparation and support when it is needed most. You don’t have this level of access, nor the ability to choose whom you are consulting with when choosing a standard telehealth service."

There are many patient advocacy options available to you. There are many professional associations and groups that support patient advocacy. You have choices.

When the "stakes are high" you need results. You need experience. That is why if it was me, I would choose a specialist. Someone with credentials and experience to provide you with a level of service that is unmatched. Someone that has a proven record. Someone who has done this a thousand times with confidential discretion and respect for your privacy—with the sensitivity of a physician that actually cares for you. That is what I do.

Selectively offered by application only.

What is Patient Advocacy?

Examples of Access

Recently we have helped people connect with doctors at these leading institutions for their problems “quicker, faster, better, easier.”  

Hospitals do a lot of things…but they’re not great at everything and a good hospital does not mean you get a great doctor or the best care for your needs.

We are not one brand. One system. One hospital. We are a solution to a challenging situation.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)

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Here are examples of some independent Patient Advocacy organizations also available to connect with.

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